Curated Playlists

Selected By: KOLE

The following playlist was selected by KOLE for Casablanca Sunset: LA-based vocalist and songwriter KOLE recently put together an exclusive playlist for the Casablanca Sunset blog. The track selection ...

Selected By: Daye Jack

Born in Nigeria, raised in the burbs of Atlanta, inspired by his old man and Steve Jobs to program computers, and downright deadly on the microphone, rapper, singer, and artist Daye Jack really made the most of his first 21 years.

Selected By: Cherry Beach

Earlier this week the California based electronic duo, Cherry Beach, released a new remix. Borrowing aspects of the original song,"Not Gonna Let You Walk Away" by LOLO, the track is a three and half minute venture into future house that is light, airy and bright.

Selected By: VHS Collection

VHS Collection is a New York-based electro rock band. VHS have been making a name for themselves as songwriters with the ability to write engaging and melodic music. Their heavy vocal narratives coupled with deep synth and guitar leads create a signature electro rock sound.

Selected By: Blonder

The new alt/indie outlet from New York, Blonder took the time to put together a Spotify playlist for Casablanca Sunset. The playlist contains an hours worth of tunes that inspire them to create the uplifting indie pop music that they do.

Selected By: Izzard

Izzard is a young producer out of Pennsylvania starting to make a name for himself. We asked Izzard to put together a Spotify playlist of his favorite tunes new and old. The stuff that he consistently goes back to and has helped shape his individual sound as an electronic producer.

Selected By: BeLL

Residing in Los Angeles, BeLL has worked behind the scenes collaborating with heavy-hitter producer/songwriters like the renowned Giorgio Moroder (Daft Punk) & David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson, 5 Seconds of Summer).