Brussels-based producer Stereoclip shares “Stereofunk,” a dynamic disco-house track that masterfully fuses classic old-school disco elements with contemporary house rhythms. This release conjures up the electrifying spirit of New York City’s 1970s underground scene, reimagined from a more modern and accessible angle.

The track is a dafty mix of disco guitar chords, sampled vocal loops, and funky bass beneath a club-inspired rhythm section augmented by subtle dreamy production effects. Stereoclip’s arrangement displays remarkable talent, masterfully fusing the nostalgia of the past with a progressive approach. The mix of sultry, energetic soundscapes and steady four-on-the-floor house beats, complemented by gentle soulful undertones, creates a captivating experience. Funky and enticing, “Stereofunk” epitomizes the essence of disco-house.