Wake The Wild — Bounce

Los Angeles duo Wake The Wild blend breezy dance beats with hip-hop cadence on their laid back new joint "Bounce." Featuring slick verses from Toronto rapper NAIIM and additional vocals from Philadelphia music...

Jim Alxndr — Got What You Need

Songwriter and producer Jim Alxndr released his new single "Got What You Need," last week. It's a laid back hip-hop tune that features swirling synths, tight percussive elements and swanky guitar licks compl...

Selected By: Daye Jack

Born in Nigeria, raised in the burbs of Atlanta, inspired by his old man and Steve Jobs to program computers, and downright deadly on the microphone, rapper, singer, and artist Daye Jack really made the most of his first 21 years.

Breakbot – Easy Fraction

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an older Breakbot track I had never heard. And let me start by saying Breakbot, the French Producer/DJ, is the real deal. He has been at it for sometime and influenced by the l...