The following playlist was selected by Izzard for Casablanca Sunset: 


Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Izzidan Oakes aka Izzard of Soda Island is an 18-year old artist, producer and songwriter from Bensalem, Pennsylvania.  Izzard will tell you that he draws inspiration from artists Baths, Sorrow, and Tennyson yet in addition, he’ll also draw inspiration from the love of a perfect bowl of ramen or his scholarly interest in calculators.  Drawing from all these interests and inspirations makes Izzard the artist that he is, a unique inhabitant of Soda Island creating a sound of his own using emotional landscapes that make you smile, but also tug at your heartstrings with relaxing melodies. The groove of his unique sound will solidify his presence in the upbeat electronic music world.

Electronic, Downtempo

Baths – Orator
Tom Misch – So Close (ft. Carmody)
American Football – Stay Home
Stumbleine – Ember
The Paper Kites – Paint
Jon Hopkins – Immunity
Aidan Knight – Dream Team
Kidkanevil – Inakunaru (ft. Phasma)
Exist Strategy – A Dreamer’s Eulogy
Rhian Sheehan – Quietly Returning
Cokiyu – Recall
Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill
Dave Greening – Heartache
Bon Iver – The Wolves (Act I and II)

Izzard on:

Izzard is a young producer out of Pennsylvania starting to make a name for himself. We asked Izzard to put together a Spotify playlist of his favorite tunes new and old. The stuff that he consistently goes back to and has helped shape his individual sound as an electronic producer. The playlist is just over an hour long and features an intelligent mix of ambient electronic, 90s alternative and pop. Check it out above.

Also below you will find his latest single from Soda Island’s debut album, A Trip To Soda Island, titled “Secret Garden” is a lilting mixture of electronic, R&B and alternative.

The song is complimented by the graceful and melancholy vocals of featured artist Merival.

Izzard – Secret Garden ft. Merival