Steevdreez unveils his latest single “GOOD LOVE,” a homage to classic disco with a modern twist.

In this offering, Steevdreez skillfully incorporates elements of rhythmic pop with the nostalgic essence of late-80s disco, resulting in a sound that feels both timeless and refreshingly contemporary.

The single shines with playful, groovy guitar work and a funky bass line, evoking the spirit of disco-era legends like Nile Rodgers. Bright, atmospheric synths add a futuristic touch, especially during the prominent synth stabs, while smooth, dreamy vocals bring a sense of calm. Together, these elements create a blend that’s both danceable and sonically soothing.

“GOOD LOVE” is not just a creative tribute to disco; it’s a fresh take on the genre. As the second single from his upcoming EP on Juliet Records, it highlights Steevdreez’s ability to fuse classic styles with contemporary sounds, signaling exciting things to come from the talented artist.