Rising UK-producer Chaney presents his funky house gem, “Feeling For You,” released on Insomniac Records.

Anchored to an uptempo rhythm section, the song features driving electronic instrumentation and anthemic vocals, creating an energetic and uplifting atmosphere. Pulsating synthesizers and a steadfast four-on-the-floor beat are the heart of this club-influenced track, showcasing both its vibrancy and technical prowess.

In “Feeling For You,” Chaney skillfully balances powerful melodies with refined production techniques. The single’s compelling basslines and dynamic vocals from impressive newcomer FARLEY create an engaging and lively listening experience. It’s a release that embodies the core elements of house music, enriched with a contemporary, energetic twist.

Chaney’s latest offering is not just indulgent; it’s a celebration of the genre, full-bodied and brimming with an infectious energy that’s hard to resist. Stream below.