Casablanca Sunset is a Los Angeles based music blog and record label imprint.

Founded by Eric Vogt in 2013, Casablanca Sunset began as a way to share new music he was listening to with friends. “I suppose it was a post grad extension of my college music endeavors,” states Eric. He was a local DJ making bedroom beats, posting songs online and eventually collecting gigs after winning a contest to perform at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in 2010. Eric also had a weekly radio program on KAMP Radio at the University of Arizona, which he did routinely for four years. Thinking back on it,” Eric remembers, “I didn’t realize how important it all was to me until I moved on and it was gone.”

Soon after graduation, and leaving Tucson for Seattle, Eric realized that working around music is what keeps him moving and without it he was lost. Around this time, he started working on what eventually became Casablanca Sunset from his basement in Seattle. Inspired by his weekly college radio program, Eric decided to start a similar online podcast to share new music he was discovering with friends living in different cities.

Initially it began as a podcast and quickly transitioned into a blog in the fall of the same year. “Casablanca Sunset was indexed by the Hype Machine for a brief period of time and it made sense to share the songs via blog posts,” says Eric. Very much influenced by the Mp3 and online file sharing, music blogs were still relevant and Soundcloud and YouTube helped people share and discover new music instantly from around the world.

Over the years things have changed. The methodology of sharing music has evolved with platforms like Spotify, and subscription-based services, but the Casablanca Sunset music blog is still around. The blog is frequently updated with a variety of new songs spanning multiple genres, and is primarily sourced from hundreds of music submissions received each week. Much of the music submitted to the blog is also syndicated into Casablanca Sunset playlists on Spotify and seasonal mixtapes on Soundcloud. The blog is also a part of the SubmitHub music blog network.

In 2016, Casablanca Sunset also launched the Casablanca Sunset label imprint alongside Tasmanian-producer KOWL. The two released a series of singles including “Just Words” with Juno Award-wining artist Anjulie. Casablanca Sunset Records has gone on to release music with an array of talented artists like Abc Dialect, Slug Father, La Felix, Robotikus, Lifelike, Hotmood, LEFTI, Inspired & the Sleep, Jimny, Mona Vale, Fake Money, Little Glass Men, URCHN, Max Green, Jim Alxndr, Dr!ve and more.

To submit music to the Casablanca Sunset blog please do so via SubmitHub.

Casablanca Sunset Records releases are available on Bandcamp.

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