KLOVO‘s aptly-titled new single “Sunset Cocktail” is a melodic house journey featuring funky uptempo rhythm and euphoric futuristic synths, complemented by blissful saxophone and jazzy guitar licks.

The Ukrainian artist’s latest offering is a multi-dimensional, club-inspired dance release. It strikes a balance, being both relaxed, in the essence of a daytime lounge track, and compelling and uptempo, akin to a nightclub DJ’s dynamic secret weapon. Entirely instrumental, “Sunset Cocktail” stands out nicely without any vocals, as its relentless rhythm and euphoric energy weave a story all on their own. A classic four-on-the-floor beat underpins effervescent synths that swell in tandem with jazzy saxophone and guitar, culminating in a full-bodied electronic composition crafted with a signature style in mind.

Sophisticated and thoughtfully designed, this KLOVO original is definitely a worthwhile listen.