Zuli Jr. is a chameleon of sound. From indie-rock to pop and R&B, the New York-based artist is a sophisticated musician with a penchant for solving the complexities of reality. Ahead of his sophomore studio album Stop it God, which balances themes of self-reflection and AI overlords, Zuli Jr. unveils “Two.”

Distilling chrome acoustics with wistful lyricism, this haunting single offers a melancholic contrast to his previous album singles “How to Feel” and “Blue Sky.” Boasting his agile vocal instrument, “Two” comes equipped with a hazy, atmospheric vibrato. A relatively forthcoming track until its lyrical breakdown composed in the vein of Frank Ocean’s “Seigfried,” this Zuli Jr. original arrives at the intersection of alternative-pop and nu-soul. A slow-burning poetic gem, “Two” is the final look into Stop it God which is inked for release Friday, May 14.