Silly Boy Blue just tapped Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for a bustling remix of her catchy indie-pop cut “The Riddle.” One of many reworks for The Riddle – The Remixes EP this T.E.E.D flip leaves listeners buzzing.

Taking Silly Boy Blue’s pop prowess and mulling it over with electronic brush strokes, T.E.E.D turns this track inside out with chirpy cowbells, laser-beam synths, and luxurious keyboard riffs. With a steady beat thumping at its core and energetic melodies dancing around in every-which-way, this official remix is, in layman’s terms, fun. Sampling the original song’s most infectious hooks and piling house-inspired chords around them, T.E.E.D’s contribution to the forthcoming EP is unmistakably groovy. The Riddle – The Remixes EP is due for release Friday, April 16.