Cape Town songstress Mila Smith has no time for “Liars and Fakes” on her debut single. An upbeat, pop-centric gem with candid lyrics and lively production styles, this rising starlet’s latest is equal parts heartfelt and assertive.

Influenced by the soulful staccato of Adele and the rhythmic sensualities of The Neighbourhood, Mila Smith is a genre-bending act with a sweet disposition for storytelling. “Liars and Fakes” is an upbeat indie-pop number charged with electric self-love and care. A song dismissing those who no longer serve her, Mila denies vengeance and instead embraces vibrance. Simultaneously radio-friendly and unique to her signature sound, “Liars and Fakes” is an energetic track crafted with such poignancy you wouldn’t guess Mila Smith clocks in at only 16-years-old.