French-Polynesian London-based artist Pastel delivers auditory delight with his vibrant new single “Cabo Player.” A modern reimagining of Chicago’s 1979 funk classic “Street Player,” Pastel seamlessly blends vintage vibes with a fiery, contemporary dance flair.

“Cabo Player” pays homage to the iconic vocals of “Street Player” while introducing a novel mix of nu-soul intertwined with French house-tinged funk. Exuberant, brassy horns harmonize with pulsating synths and an unyielding filter house bassline, culminating in an orchestral symphony of foot-tapping soundscapes. Bursting with energy and an irresistible allure to party into the wee hours, Pastel’s latest creation skillfully sidesteps typical EDM clichés yet perfectly sets the stage for a sultry and electrifying late-night warehouse dance. Dive into this vivacious spin on “Street Player” below!