Kyson — Every High

Kyson is the musical project of Berlin-based Australian producer and vocalist Jian Kellett Liew. Last month, he released his new single "Every High" via B3SCI / Majestic Casual Records. The song features ...

Jim Alxndr — Convo

If you like downtempo hip-hop inspired future beats with saxophone solos then look no further than "Convo" by Jim Alxndr. This track features breezy wind instrumentation, sultry guitar work, smooth rhythm, a...

Joni Payne – More To Do

Every so often there is a vocalist that comes along and turns my head. Someone that stands a head of the pack, working on original and thought provoking content. Los Angeles based artist, Joni Payne is one of those vocalists.

Selected By: Izzard

Izzard is a young producer out of Pennsylvania starting to make a name for himself. We asked Izzard to put together a Spotify playlist of his favorite tunes new and old. The stuff that he consistently goes back to and has helped shape his individual sound as an electronic producer.