Today, Los Angeles-based pop artist Lisa Heller is premiering a music video for her latest single, “Ghost.”

“Ghost” is highlighted by Lisa’s soft and melodic vocal work which is backed by bright piano chords, electro-leaning synth hooks, and lush basslines at a club-inspired rhythm. It’s quite the electro-pop single and is one of Lisa’s standout tracks to date.

Lyrically, the song is about an ex-relationship and not being able to move on. Lisa sings, “this t-shirt still smells like you. I don’t wear it, but I want to.”

Since its release in March, “Ghost” has already become a fan favorite and collectively over 250,000 streams on streaming platforms. It’s the beginning of the new things to come from the budding LA-talent.

The video, filmed by Dotlyn Snedden, evokes a nostalgic dreamlike representation of Lisa reminiscing about memories of her past.

Stream the music video below.