As summer approaches, the last month has provided some solid springtime music. Below is playlist featuring new music from NASAYA, Johnny Utah, Caius, Fell Runner, Goldroom, and more.

The playlist features some of the best music submissions that did not get individual coverage on the blog. Some solid tracks in here.

Also, at the beginning of May, we released “Magic” by Abc Dialect on the Casablanca Sunset label. It’s a smooth single with a music video on the way coming out early June.

And on May 23rd, we have another single coming out on the Casablanca Sunset label with New Zealand producer La Felix. The song is titled “Too Many Lies” and features LA-based vocalist Max Green. More on that to come!

Until then, check out some tunes we received in the May below. Enjoy!


NASAYA — Patterns (ft. Sara Diamond)
Johnny Utah — Honeypie
Caius — Before My Time
Fell Runner — Come Home
Bobby Love — Why
Berry Juice & Josh Tobias — Messin’ Around (Mogul Remix)
Goldroom — U (ft. Chela)
Minke — Something Better (Tyzo Bloom Remix)
VOLO — Freefall (Toy Box Remix)
PAWL — Waste My Time
SHY Nodi — Snakes
BOOTY — Money Make The Man (ft. Farrah Fawx)
Leisure — On My Mind
Special Lonely — Salt
Rudi — After We Dance
Glass Dove — Terrible Secrets
Golden States — Winding River
Bokito — Colleen Bawn
Francis Moon — Spring Sun
Teddi Gold — Video Games
Luna May — Aftermath
Arthur Moon — I Feel Better
Bene — Evil Spider
Tella Viv — Bisou Bisou
Elle Azar — Get Your Hopes Up
BWQ — Animals
Simon D James — You Are The Answer
Silk City & Dua Lipa — Electricity (Thando1988 Remix)
Dawn Chorus — Religious Music
Lisofv — Numb Hard

Photo: Craig Howes