First discovered Koresma last year when he sent over one of his collaborations with the Atlanta based producer Feverkin.

Koresma, aka Ryan Lindberg, creates laid back and thought provoking electronic beats. Kind of like a more straight forward version of Bonobo, Tycho, Bibio or Four Tet.

Koresma also does a great job of incorporating original instrumentation into his mellow beats. He often features guitar, saxophone, flute and the trumpet.

Last week Koresma dropped a new track titled “Far Away Coast,” which you can stream below. The song features an acoustic guitar riff with ambient atmospheric tones that create a sound similar to the waves crashing behind downtempo back beat. Very chill song.

Also check out the brief Q&A Koresma did below.


Q&A w/ Koresma

Casablanca Sunset: How would you describe your sound to someone that has never heard Koresma before?

Koresma: The sound of Koresma is warm, organic, chill, and, groovy all at the same time. I like to think it sounds like you were swinging in a hammock at the beach for the more downtempo songs and surfing a perfect point break wave with a few friends for the more up beat songs. Nature, the ocean, surfing and many other interests definitely influence the sound of my music. The instrumentation is made up of many different sounds. The guitar is my main outlet for creating songs, so it has taken up a much more prominent role in my music. I like to accompany it with real, yet electronic programmed drums, atmospheric synths, textural effects (that help convey the imagery of the song), and recorded instruments such as saxophone, flute, trumpet, and bass.


CS: What does the creative processes look like behind one of your tracks?

K: The creative process is pretty much different every time. I get most of my musical ideas from the guitar and use it as tool to create chord progressions and melodies, they basic structure of the song. After getting the foundation of the song down, I usually substitute melodies and chords created with the guitar with other sounds and instruments. I also spend a lot of time manipulating the guitar and other recorded sounds to bring the song back to electronic territory. This experimentation always yields new results and is definitely one of my favorite parts of creating music.


CS: Do you have a dream collaboration?

K: I would love to produce a song with Hendrix and Marley, two of my favorite musicians but that, unfortunately, is not possible. For the present time, I would say producing a record at a beach house, with no obligations for about two months with my best friends (that happen to be amazing musicians) would be the dream collaboration. The coolest part would be the diverse sound palette and no interruptions in the creative process.


CS: Any significant plans for 2016?

K: I have several singles planned to come out in 2016 along with a personal EP and possibly two other collaboration EP’s. The past two years have been spent producing a lot of material that is finally going to make its way out into the world. The main goal of 2016 is consistency, progression, having fun, and being able to share the process along the way.


For more on Koresma check out his Facebook and Bandcamp page.