As we come to the end of 2020, it’s a time to reflect on and digest what a bumpy ride this year turned out to be. Between Covid, presidential turmoil and social unrest, it was a truly bizarre year in the US. However, aside from the all of the wackiness, there was no shortage of new music being released. In fact, some data suggest there are now roughly 250,000 songs being released on Spotify every week. Lot of music!

With the rise of bedroom producers and easy access to music recording technology there’s no shortage of new music these days. While we do our best to listen to everything submitted to the Casablanca Sunset blog and cover as much of it as we can, there is not enough time in the week to spotlight everything. That said, the Inbox playlist is a place to highlight and recognize the new releases sent to the Casablanca Sunset inbox over the trailing month that we liked but did not have enough time to review individually.

This month new music from acts like fika, Tim Atlas, Poolside & NEIL FRANCES, Dugong Jr, Litany, Bad Flamingo and more. Along with promising newcomers like Josh Fudge, Molly & The Chromatics, Mickey Newball, Alt Fiction, Harrison Kipner, and more.

Stream the December 2020 Inbox playlist in its entirely below. Also be sure to check out the archived version on Spotify.



fika & Fabich — Mean (Pastel Remix)
Tim Atlas — Wallflower
Poolside & NEIL FRANCES — I’m In Love With You
Josh Fudge — There She Goes
Dugong Jr — Slow It Down (ft. Jordan Dennis)
Bit Funk & Jason Gaffner — The Chase
Molly & The Chromatics — Hold Tight
Krystian San — No Winners No Losers (ft. kiciabe)
Hs — Girl I Miss You
Mickey Newball — Betting On Bad Weather
Alt Fiction — Can’t Get It Right
Cole Anyway — Tuesday
Litany — Uh-huh
Alfie Templeman — Shady
Bad Flamingo — Dead Man’s Hand
Courting — Popshop!
Mishegas — Untitled
Extra Special — Thanks To You
Mothersun — Sucralose
Harrison Kipner — Stutter (World Ends)
KAIS — Take Me Home
James Blake — points (laguna edit)
Saint Raymond — Solid Gold
Honeycraft — Face to Face
GRAACE — You Do You
Francis Moon — Here We Are Now
REMMI — Music Is All We Have!
HAERTS — It’s Too Late
Palma — Broken Love
ORCHA — Reflections
Volunteer — It’s Been A Long Time
Airpark — D Y W (ft. St Lucia)
Black Caviar — Do The Damn Thing (ft. Blackway)
Bjorn Rydhog — Escape
Y O T A N — Flights
Goodnight Goodbye — Some Kind Of
Santino Surfers — Sun Rise Swell
Emily Chambers — Start Again
The Drives — All This Boredom
Rane Monk — Space Song
SHIMA — Swimming / Drowning
Marc Scibilia — Seed of Joy (ft. Brian Fallon)
Vibenacci — Float
reed gaines — Fly Too High
J U S T Y — Blues On The Crosley
Tessa Violet — Wishful Drinking
Early Eyes — Wander