Everyday the Casablanca Sunset inbox receives music submissions and while we do our best to go through everything there simply is not enough time in the day to review it all.

The Inbox playlist is monthly roundup of the music that deserves a spotlight but we did not have enough time to review individually on the blog.

This month new music from the likes of Sugar Soap, Silent Income, The Lagoons, Junaco, Ormiston, Tim Ayre, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue and many more. Tracklising below. You an also stream the archived best of the best version of the Inbox playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!


Sugar Soap — Lonely Eyes
Silent Income — Private Dance Night
The Lagoons — Sedated
Junaco — Dazed
Ormiston — Step From The Limelight
Tim Ayre — Miami Drive
Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue — My Heartache and Me
Vilde — Holograms
Gabriel Black — King of the Nosebleeds
Julian Lamadrid — 15 Minutes
TUSHAR — Arthur
Alta Falls — Take Me On Down
Ben Phipps — On My Own
Tommy Violet — Connection
Stray Fossa — Hypocritic
Maro — Heart Tp Spare
doux. — Hollow
Lone Waves — My All
Taylor DeBlock — Drown
Shae District — Lose Myself
Cat Marina — Overdose (Kishan Remix)
Matilda Mann — Doomsday
Stevedreez — 1-800-HITMYLINE
Sarah Walk — Secrets
R3HAB X Andy Grammer — Close To You
Houis X Blush’ko — Daydreamin’ (De Rien Remix)
Adesha — The Secret
George Eve — I Don’t Mind
Funk LeBlanc — Toast to Life (with Holland Greco)
Artem Xio — Fantasy
Sam I — Shake (ft. Alex Greenwald) (Breakbot Remix)
Two Lanes X Panama — Rolling Back
Odaiba — Straight Ahead
NoMBe — Boys Don’t Cry
Josh Fudge — More To You
merk — But She Loves You
joe rico — Stoked
Moodoïd — Only One Man (with Melody’s Echo Chamber)
Sea Glass — Lemon Lime Watermelon (ft. Sky Adler)
Rachel Mazer — Simply Casual
JAWNY — Best Thing
Dubbel Drop — Mighty Knight
Fly Felix — Hope You’re Alright
Alex Frankel — Still Got It
Fran Vasilic — A Lovesong For Whoever
Van Derand — Revival
Tal Simon — Hollandaise
Manorofanimals — Tall Trees
Anthony Mustaca — Spaced Out
Trip Carter — Heavyweight
An-Ten-Nae X Morillo — Twilight (OAKK Remix)