Just outside of Oslo, producer and multi-instrumentalist Whose Rules is tucked away in a little garden cabin orchestrating bedroom-pop soundscapes. Following the quietus of his Pitchfork-acclaimed moniker Marius, Whose Rules emerges from the orchids with his fresh new single “Moth Meme” featuring singer/songwriter Selmer.

Likened to the infectious sounds of Gus Dapperton, Whose Rules is a charismatic musical project with groovy tendencies. With a palpable ebb-and-flow that moves between quintessential indie melodies and a personalized production style, “Moth Meme” is more than a nod to the 2018 internet sensation. Patches of experimental electronica help make up the track’s fabric, as quirky piano riffs bring “Moth Meme” back to center. Whose Rules’ latest offering is a syncopated alt-pop treat with Selmer’s candied vocal work. An upbeat triumph, “Moth Meme” is a confetti-filled listen with both organic instrumentation and the digital familiarity of the 21st century. Listen below.