Colorful Parisian duo SuperParka make simple sounds feel like a multi-sensory experience. Their barebones studio in France is embellished with only a handful of instruments and relics- a few synths, a guitar, a cowbell, and a picture of Christophe Lambert in Mortal Kombat. But behind the plain-sight facade, the SuperParka project is an expansive network of intelligent sound design and dance-floor-ready rhythms.

Tucked away in their latest sushi boubou mixtape comes a fiery disco joint aptly titled “ultraviolence.” This chromatic track is driven by a grimy, warped bassline that fades into psychedelic-funk soundscapes. A digital dream, “ultraviolence” is a futuristic electronica single with technicolor vocal work.

Unconventional and unintentionally hip to boot, SuperParka’s latest is as gritty as it is vivid.