This past month there were a bunch of submissions to dig through and here are some of the best of the best. Featuring original music from nu-disco producers like Satin Jackets and French Horn Rebellion and huge track from the rising LA-based vocalist BAUM. There are also a handful of remixes in there including one of Coldplay’s “Yellow” by the new producer CNMA.

Also, I decided to jump ahead this month and rebrand the playlist title for the current month. So instead of releasing the August Inbox in September with tracks from August, we will be releasing the September Inbox Playlist in September with tracks from August. It might look like we’ve skipped a month but technically we didn’t, just changed the title around.




Satin Jackets – Northern Lights (ft. David Harks)
French Horn Rebellion – Presentation (prod. Champagne)
Ashe – Used To It (Biyo Remix)
BAUM – Hot Water
Doug DeLuca – Hit Your Mark
Random Soul – If We Let Go Tonight (Cavego Remix)
DAGNY – Wearing Nothing (Youngr Remix)
Betty Moon – Life Is But A Dream (Sander W. Remix)
Almost Owen – Good Thing
Julian Borrego – Small Talk
Bien – Electric Dream
Coldplay – Yellow (CNMA Remix)
The Vryll Society – Shadow Of A Wave
David Versis – Made For Me
YOUTH – Blame
Mons Vi – Divina
Louis Futon – Rewind (ft. Ashe & Armani White)
White Tiger Society – Why (ft. Stephen Marley)
Moira Mack – I Worry I Worry
Pure Colors – In and Out of My Life
Beachwood Coyotes – I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes
Muneshine – Full Throttle (ft. DARCYS) (PWNDTIAC Remix)
Kitchenette – Upon The Shoulders
Yahtzel – Someone Else (ft. Savoi)
Hartway – How It Happens
THAT KIND – Closer
Black Pistol Fire – Lost Cause
Cassia – Sink
Yites – Appreciate (ft. Colordrive)
Apollo LTD – One In A Million
I Dont Do Crowds – Somewhere In Between
Jude Shuma – Lemonade
UPSAHL – Can You Hear Me Now
Billy Fox – Taste (Tigertown Remix)
The Brothers Moore – Careless
Beach For Tiger – Something Good
Wolfy – I Can’t Lie (ft. Huxlee)
NONONO – Masterpiece
Wolfy – Solid Gold (ft. Ren Farren and Katie Skene)
Aiden Myers – Keep My Sweater (MKSTN Remix)
Lon Lon – Bulletproof
CREO – Subtitles for X, Y, Z
Theia – Roam
Pet Fangs – Gold Coast Dreaming
Derrival – Ice Cream