Heading into the tail end of November, here’s a recap of monthly music that didn’t get individual coverage on the blog but deserves recognition.

Selections include new music from noteworthy acts like TENDER, Ten Fe, Sure Sure and UPSAHL. It also includes music from a variety of newer acts like indie rockers Facing New York, Van Common, Stray Fossa, The BGP and more.

Everything comes from the music submission inbox…stream below and also check out some of the archived content on Spotify.


Photo by: Jannik Obenhoff


Facing New York — Gods of the Good Shit
Van Common — Ghost
TEDNER — Closer Still
Sure Sure — Idiot
Ten Fe — Won’t Happen
UPSAHL — The Other Team
fika — High
Fanshore & Tropic — Nobody Knows
The BGP — Got 2 Go
Stray Fossa — Bear the Waves
thanks. — H Y H U
Emmit Fenn — Yellow (Coldplay Cover)
The Great Escape — All You Got Is Gold
Blank & Jones — Grown Minds
Finbongo, Breakeven & Eguchi — Figures
wwoman — You Will Fill My Head
Goss — There’s Just so Much a Heart Can Take
Come On Baby — Afterimages
Freja Kirk — Fine Things
Ages is a Box — Rush
Toby Corton & His Band By Chance — Help Yourself
emawk — terms
Chris Jobe — Lonely Lives
Clara Nova — Scattered Hearts In The Parks Of Cities
Mahalo X Le:Blanc — In My Arms
CRi — Me and My Friends (CRi Remix)
nicopop. — Below The Ceiling
Lost Beach — Shadows
Other States — Devil Struck
WALLACE — Neverland (Prod. Mohi X Mango)
Yakul — Bad Karma ft. Rob Araujo
Nightmode — Penthouse Refugees
Glass Caves — Taipei Nights
Talii — Mouth
CYN — I’ll Still Have Me (Aquilo Remix)
The Drives — Rebel