February has arrived and 2020 is off to the races. Here is this month’s Inbox playlist.

The Inbox playlist is a monthly compilation featuring a variety of music submissions received via the Casablanca Sunset Inbox over the trailing month that did not get individual recognition on the blog but deserve a spotlight.

This month, new music from newcomers like Varsity Star and Sir Jay. Along with releases from Inbox alum like argonaut&wasp, thanks., TENDER, and more.

Stream the complete playlist along with tracklisting below. Also be sure to check out the archived version on Spotify here. Enjoy!


Varsity Star — Nightlight
Sir Jay — Mid-July
Firstworld — Groove Is In The Heart (ft. Delia Dane)
Luc — Extraverdant (LA Live Green Mix)
thanks. — Busy
Her Songs — If We Try
Winona Oak — Control
argonaut&wasp — TVS
The Greek X Vrv — Roller Disco 1980 (ft. Hi Levelz)
Joshua Loveland — Lovecraft
Elliot Moss — Bodyintoshapes
NHYX — Zephyr
ANTA — Made By Desire
Vandelux — Don’t Let Go
Malena Zavala — I’m Leaving Home
Audio Dope — Absence Of Gravity
St. South — Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud?
Dance Yourself Clean — Make Believe (ft. Koonsi)
EDES — Back To You
St. Francis Hotel — Milkshake (ft. Portugal. The Man)
Narcsus Prye — I’m Lost (Remix)
Pascal Junior — Done (ft. Minelli)
Startech42 — Feelin’ Good
Astrolemo — Haunting Me (DOV Remix)
Villows — Burnt Out Lights
Dugong Jr — Drive (ft. Jordan Dennis)
TENDER — 6 in the morning
fennec — elysian dust
Howie Payne — Into Daylight
Kiana V — No Rush (ft. Billy Davis)
San Holo — Honest (ft. Broods)
Hotel Eden — Echoes
Cory Becker — Haunt (ft. Jade)
Madge — Headshot
Porter Robinson — Get Your Wish
Little Dragon — Hold On
Cloudchord — Hustle Dust
SuperParka — You