Caroline Loveglow made an impressive debut by way of her dream pop single “Patience Etc…” A critically acclaimed relic, the 90s-inspired joint is still basking in its moment as it catches a second wind with George Clanton‘s dreamy remix.

Released via Clanton’s own record label 100% Electronica which is curated alongside Native Gemini, “Patience Etc…” was a brilliant addition to the label’s growing discography. In fact, so brilliant it needed a second rendition. This George Clanton flip keeps the moody atmosphere of the original track in tact while simultaneously adding a smoked-out vaporwave flair. A digital sunset rendered into dreamy lo-fi soundscapes, George Clanton’s latest rework is saturated in his signature sound. Characterized by its fuzzy synths and hazy harmonies, this “Patience Etc…” remix is a nostalgic shoegaze fantasy.