Los Angeles based songstress, Your Smith recently released her sophomore EP Wild Wild Woman via Neon Gold Records.

The 5-song release features a variety of indie pop driven tunes capturing her empowering ethos, lighthearted melodies, and natural sing-a-long songwriting abilities. If you haven’t already, recommend checking out the rising talent’s music.

This month, Your Smith dives into 2020 with a 17-date debut headline tour. She will be playing the Troubadour in LA this Wednesday on January 15th.

In support of the tour’s kick off, Your Smith (aka Caroline Smith) has answered a few question for the Casablanca Sunset blog below.

Stream the EP and read the Q&A below. Enjoy!

Q&A with Your Smith:

Casablanca Sunset: How did the Your Smith project come together?

Your Smith: I’d been making music under my real name for a while and really just wanted a fresh start. I kinda had a fuck-it-all moment and burned everything down. I thought it was over for me, that as soon as I started making the music I really wanted to be making, everything would fall apart and I would lose everything I worked for. But guess what happened ? Nothing. I just ended up happier. Turns out you’re allowed to start over after all.

Casablanca Sunset: Inspiring to hear. When I listen to “The Spot” of the Bad Habit EP I hear Sheryl Crow is she an influence?

Your Smith: Man, my mom and I listened to so much Sheryl Crow growing up there’s no conceivable way she wouldn’t influence the art I make. She was everything to me. She is such a Los Angeles icon.

Casablanca Sunset: Nice, you can definitely hear it. Who are some of your other musical influences?

Your Smith: Oh man I love Paul Simon, I love the Minneapolis sound, I love the doobie brothers, I love Tierra Wack, I love Frank Sinatra, I love it all. I’m a pretty active member of the Alanis Morissette fan club and will be up front and center at her Hollywood Bowl show in June. She might be my all time.

Casablanca Sunset: Very cool. What is something you want listeners to take away from your music?

Your Smith: I want my music to feel warm and familiar but in a way you’ve never heard before.

Casablanca Sunset: Who are some newer artists you are listening to now?

Your Smith: I love Miya Folick a ton. And Chelsea Jade who is currently on tour with me. Also in love with the new Caroline Polacheck album.

Casablanca Sunset: Good stuff, will be sure to check out. What’s your favorite city that you visited on tour last year?

Your Smith: Hmm. Possibly Prague. It’s beautiful.

Casablanca Sunset: Any thoughts on where music and culture are at in 2020?

Your Smith: It’s no secret that music gets consumed at a breakneck speed these days. But conversely there’s a ton of room now for new ways to experience it which I think is really exciting. The music industry isn’t made up of gate keepers anymore. You can be anyone and make an album and have it be heard. I think leveling the playing field is exciting and makes the real shit shine- not the art that’s been engineered to reach you.

Casablanca Sunset: Agreed, like the perspective. Last question, what’re your plans for the Your Smith project in 2020?

Your Smith: I just wanna keep releasing music and I’ve been trying to not be too precious about what I’m creating. I love playing shows, I love writing songs, I wanna just keep doing that. Forever and ever amen.  

Sounds great, look forward to hear more from you in the future!

For more on Your Smith and to stay up to date with her music you can visit the Your Smith website here.