Dutch visionary Young & Sick recently unveiled his daring new album Brother. A shockwave of creativity that traverses soundscapes unknown, the LP’s title track “Brother” is a testament to the project’s ingenuity but only a sliver of its greatness.

Born from isolated inspiration, Young & Sick created his latest magnum opus tucked away in a cabin with no one but his own intuition and frequent collaborator Luke Woods. Together, the duo explore themes of a fleeting life through the scope of an experimental indietronica lens. “Brother” finds its footing with a warm, vintage melody likened to the cozy sounds of Billie Holiday before weaving its way into deep, industrial chords that swallow the softness and transform the song into a full-bodied wonder. Nuanced with dream-pop vocals and tinges of electro-swing, “Brothers” takes outwardly dissonant genres and fuses them together to effortlessly challenge the genre status quo.