Providing medicinal music to funk-loving dance heads across the globe, The Knocks are a shining example of the therapeutic complexion of music. Seldom is there a time the NYC-based duo can’t induce euphoria by the way of their riveting grooves and soulful bounce. Offering no exception, The Knocks’ latest remix of Thunder Jackson‘s “Colors” is a high-energy comfort track that ignites all five senses with joy.

A club-ready lift that preserves Thunder Jackson’s gospel-like voice, this “Colors” rework meets you exactly where you are. A maze of 80s synths, fortified bass grooves, and subtle guitar resonance, The Knocks take the dance floor and deliver it to your home office, Sunday brunch, or highway cruise. Overwhelmingly infectious, The Knocks once again prove that they’re leading the nu-disco pack with swagger, spirit, and swing. Listen to their “Colors” remix below.