Miami-based jazz fusion quartet Electric Kif makes music so textured you can feel it on your skin. Deeply rooted in exploration, their compositions are worth far more than the obligatory “genre-bending” badge of honor. Their style, a cosmic celebration of rhythm arrangement and mind-bending sound design, translates blissfuly into their dizzying new single “Sonar” taken from their experimental album Dreamlike.

A lyric-free number void of hymn and hum, “Sonar” finds its brilliance by the way of rich, elegant instrumentals that shift shapes with grace. Contradicting atmospheres collide to create obscured landscapes of gallant groove and haunting jazz melodies. From deep keyboard riffs to edgy electric guitar plucks and punchy drums, “Sonar” is an out-of-this-world triumph that rejects genre queues and embraces the abstract nature of sound itself.