Today, New Orleans-based duo Sightsee premiere their latest single “Loneboi” on the Casablanca Sunset blog.

Influenced by the likes of Pharrell, J Dilla, and Jeff Buckley the duo is comprised of Grammy nominated drummer and producer Aaron Boudreaux and vocalist Dillon Frazier.

“Loneboi” features a catchy and well produced bass melody beneath tasteful pop vocals, warm synth textures and a straight ahead percussive arrangement. Lyrically, the song’s about someone who lives in solitude because of their harsh perceptions of the world around them.

The release comes ahead of their debut EP due out December 9th. And in addition to premiering with Casablanca Sunset, the band members took a few moments out of their day to answer a few questions about their music, personal taste and upcoming plans.

Stream the single and read the brief Q&A below!

Q&A w/ Sightsee


Casablanca Sunset: Hi guys, what does your production process look like?

Sightsee (Aaron): We both tend to write foundations or initial concepts by ourselves. That’s definitely how I’ve always worked. I’ve never been the guy who just sits down in a studio with a group of people and just lays down this perfect chord progression or melody first try then lights up a blunt and hi fives the crew. I’m just more inspired when nobody’s reacting to every step of the process. Then once some concrete musical thing is there to show Dillon, I bring it to him like, “look, check out this thing!” And he’ll generally have ideas based on that, whether it’s vocals, lyrics, or a melodic part, and then we work together from there till the end. Same goes for the things Dillon writes, he’ll bring me a solid foundation to something and I’ll take a crack at adding parts.


CS: How long have you been making music together?

S (Aaron): Since November of 2015. I’ll never forget it. I just left a studio I helped create because rats and roaches were slowly taking over. Since I no longer had a full studio, I couldn’t make music with drums and bass and guitar and all of those live instruments. I only had my bedroom and all of my samples that I’d recorded over the years. Dillon had moved in with me at the beginning of 2015, and I would constantly hear him falsetto-ing in his room, at the kitchen sink, and in the shower. He sounded like the unhinged ghost of Jeff Buckley singing the most random songs from country to Brandi. Two days before Thanksgiving 2015, I was driving to hike a trail with a waterfall that was two hours from New Orleans, and I was listening to this beat I made. As I was driving I couldn’t think of any vocal ideas at all. Once I was at the trailhead, I typed a note in my phone: “Get Dill to falsetto all over this beat.” The next week, I finally asked him if we could set up a mic in the living room and just have him sing over the beat, and he did. That song ended up being our first song, “Proper Girl” being re-released later this year.


CS: Great story, how would you describe you music to someone that has never heard it before?

S (Aaron + Dillon): It’s melancholy pop with understated, stream of consciousness production. We’re not afraid of empty space. It can be catchy at times, spacious at times, and scary at times.


CS: Very cool, are there any other new artists you are listening to right now?

S (Aaron): Madeline Kenney’s new record is awesome, and I’ve also been getting into House DJs like Lone, Axel Boman and Roman Flugel. They aren’t new, but Dillon and I are always very much into Frank Ocean, Tei Shi, and Dirty Projectors.


CS: Right on, so what do you hope listeners take away from your new single?

S (Aaron + Dillon): We just like to make music that’s ambitious and unafraid to fail. Balanced precariously on moments where everything could fall apart, but continuing on regardless.


CS: Do you have any plans for the future you’d like to mention like releases or shows?

S (Aaron + Dillon): We’re releasing a 4-track EP at the end of the year! It will have this single, our previous single, “Figured You Out”, and 2 other tracks. We’re playing a few shows in New Orleans before the year’s end to celebrate that release as well. And we’ve got plenty more music for the future.


Awesome, thanks guys. Look forward to hear more from you down the road! 

For more on Sightsee visit their website.