Dresage is the project of LA-based singer/songwriter Keeley Bumford.

Operating near the intersection of contemporary indie pop and moody jazz, the project reflects Keeley’s passion for music across multiple genres and eras.

Earlier this month, on October 19th, she released her debut self titled 5-song EP. It’s a collection of singles, some of which released earlier this year.

“Sediment,” one of the singles released exclusively as part of the full EP this month, features breezy vocals, thick moog bass and driving drums.

According to Keeley, “Sediment was the first song I wrote for the Dresage project. It’s about watching someone you love most be surrounded by confusion and fear inside their own clouded vision. If only you could clear the sediment out from their eyes, they might see what warmth and love is already in front of them.”

Stream “Sediment” below and the full EP on Spotify.