French singer-songwriter, Raph Parpex is premiering the video for his new single “Say You Never Will,” on Casablanca Sunset today.

The song is the first cut from his upcoming EP, Pink Inside, set for release November 17th.

“Say You Never Will,” sounds like a downtempo funky chillwave tune. It begins with an original vocal melody accompanied by heavy use of reverb. Then, as the song progresses, a smooth bass line and mellow percussion guides the listener down a dream-like state of auditory bliss. Tasteful guitar accents and seductive synths also highlight this beachside indie-electro gem.

Raph Parpex has an extensive background as a sound engineering which he studied in school. Before working on his solo project, Raph also spent time working in post production working on projects for brands like Mercedes, Christian Dior and Van Cleef. Currently living between NY, LA and Paris, he is working on his next album.

Check out the accompanying video for “Say You Never Will,” below.