Sydney-based, What So Not recently revealed the video for the single “Better” featuring LPX.

The song is a future-bass pop track with vocals by LPX aka Elizabeth Plapinger, who is also the lead vocalist of MS MR.

What So Not is an electronic music project by Australian producer Emoh Instead, and was formerly a duo with Flume.

The song “Better” debuted live at What So Not’s headline Coachella slot in the Gobi tent earlier this year. During the set, What So Not played from a giant chrome horse on monster truck wheels.

When speaking on the creation of the song, What So Not explains, “I had a few productions I’d been working on in this sonic field but struggled to find a vocalist with the right attitude and tone to fit. Lizzy and I clicked instantly on this trajectory and began jamming on the tune.”

The collage-based music video is made up of both, original footage and found footage; and was inspired by artist Stan VanDerBeek’s Movie Mural. You can stream it below.