Casablanca Sunset Summer Mix 2017

In honor of the sunshine, we've posted an hour long mix featuring a bunch of funky disco inspired beats. Perfect for extended listening around the house, at the gym or maybe at the office. This 1 hour mix features thoughtfully curated indie dance and house influenced tunes. Follow the link to stream!

Casablanca Sunset Spring Mix 2017

Handful of indie dance tracks I've been jamming the past few months. Everything in a 1-hour extended continuous mix, mixed by yours truly. Look out for the label release featuring KOWL and Fake Money in the last half of the mix. Very light, very groovy. Hope you enjoy :)

Casablanca Sunset Winter Mix 2017

Here's the fourth installment of the Casablanca Sunset seasonal mixtape series. Each mix roughly an hour long featuring a handful of bootlegs, remixes and original tracks for extended listening–crafted together by yours truly. Enjoy!

Casablanca Sunset Fall Mix 2016

Here's an hour long mixtape for Fall 2016. Mainly indie dance music that falls on the groovier and funkier side of electronic house. Expecting the Winter 2017 Mix to drop at the beginning of the new year. Enjoy!

Casablanca Sunset’s Summer Mix 2016

Over the last month, I starting piecing together a refreshing mix of tunes on my recently acquired CDJs and mixer. Below is the result of mixing and mashing roughly 25 tracks that fit the summer vibe. Some groovy tunes and most of which are in the indie dance / nu disco category.