Miso Extra‘s “Adventures of Tricky ‘N’ Duke” is so inventive, off-kilter, and surprisingly approachable that it’s hard to believe it arrives as her debut single. Released ahead of her forthcoming EP, this foxy soultronic number tells a story through shifty beats and barebones vocal prose.

While Miso Extra’s “Adventures of Tricky ‘N’ Duke” boasts a simple sound design, her rhythmic agility and empathetic layering of sound offers an obliging and rapt listening experience. Packed with a lo-fi punch punctuated by bongo drums, misty synths, tingling vocal samples, and a brief jazzy breakdown, Miso Extra adds her own lyrical flair to prove she’s equal parts producer and poet. What marks the genesis of a soon-to-be influential career for the London-based artist, “Adventures of Tricky ‘N’ Duke” is a textured musical delight.