MICKY is the moniker under which 23-year-old singer and songwriter Michael Persall creates Motown-tinged Pop music with a classic rock and soul aftertaste.

Known for his vibrant and energetic stage performances, MICKY has asserted himself as a true frontman while playing with his band around New York City.

Growing up in a family-run Bed & Breakfast in the Bay Area, CA, MICKY was exposed to a wide variety of people and tastes at a young age.

His latest single, “Fire,” is an easy to listen to indie rock & pop crossover. Some of the elements in the song remind me of Lenny Kravitz meets the Black Keys. MICKY cites influences like Elvis, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, James Morrison, and more. It’s pretty fun, fresh and adaptable to different demographics.

It also pays homage to style of rock music that is easily overlooked in the electro-dominated blogosphere.

Stream below.