20-year-old French producer, LUCASV, recently released his soulful and loungy electronic single “Reach.”

Released on the Majestic Casual label earlier this month,”Reach” features smooth keys, breezy instrumentation and percussive handclaps. The song also features vocals by BliBli & Zaire and showcases the producer’s ability to precisely blend of aspects of smooth downtempo electronic, neo-soul, jazz and hip-hop music.

LUCASV’s unique sound can be likened to names of KAYTRANADA, Bonobo, J Dilla, FKJ and James Blake. Growing up between Los Angeles and France, his exposure to a variety of cultures and genres are represented in his music.

After dropping debut single “Touch” just over a year ago, his 3 independently released singles have gathered nearly a million plays on SoundCloud and Spotify respectively.

Stream his latest single below.