Five-piece hybrid-electronic ensemble Golan enlist singer/songwriter Valeria Stoica on their new single “75” taken from their forthcoming sophomore studio album. This pensive and categorically meditative track takes its listeners up and away from the mundane, plunging them into an immersive 4-minute dreamworld.

Anchored to a hypnotic, pulsing 808 and tingling synths “75” is lo-fi pop at its apex. Valeria Stoica’s angelic voice floats delicately along tapered melodies that assemble and dissolve with a tranquil agility. Blurring the lines between genre and sound, “75” thrives in its genre ambiguity, prompting a quixotic listening experience for any one person. Breathe in, breathe out, and lose yourself in Golan and Valeria Stoica’s memorable collaboration.