Organic electro-groove band Franc Moody is part human part funk. Drawing inspiration from the pioneering sounds of Daft Funk, Jamiroquai, and their own soulful flair, the London-based ensemble delivers “Tired of Waiting” via Juicebox Recordings.

A disco-fusion number with chromatic vocals and glittery 808s, “Tired of Waiting” is a bastion of boogie. Retro breaks interlock with wavy basslines to set a steady, agile beat into motion. A future-club gem with a go-go tempo, this stylish composition was born and bred by the frenzy of a dancefloor. Although a looking glass into the sounds of the future, “Tired of Waiting” is a nod to the disco-funk generation that preceded them. Listen below to hear ages of sound coalesce into one Franc Moody classic.