Well-versed in the intricate art of remixing, French producer Anoraak has flipped tracks for Metronomy, Neon Indian, and Junkie XL, just to name a few. Back with a new rework via Enroute Records, Anoraak turns Dutch producer Quentyn‘s single “Home Tonight” inside out.

Bringing his work as a multi-instrumentalist to Quentyn’s original electronic jam, Anoraak’s take on “Home Tonight” is guided by his skillset on the piano. The scholar of sound harmonizes digital keyboard riffs with snappy synths and cheeky laser beams to plait the fabric of his latest remix. Accented with way-out bass plucks and subtle electric guitar melodies, this lively flip is a union between disco and synth-pop. Equally as euphoric as the original joint, Anoraak’s “Home Tonight” remix is a breath of fresh air.