Earlier this week the California based weekly playlist powerhouse Noon Pacific released a new single on their label.

This time around with the cosmic groove creator, Falcon Punch.

Falcon Punch’s music is steeped in no particular musical tradition, but rather in a multi-genre background ranging from soul and funk to house and disco. Avery Henderson (Falcon Punch) got his start in the electronic/disco scene producing from his tiny dorm room while living in Amsterdam in 2010. The now Colorado based musician, has crafted his sound into what he calls “Dark Island Funk”, a layered guitar melodies, keys and airy vocals, and has had the fortune of spreading it through a multitude of successful digital and vinyl releases.

This is the first original track Falcon Punch has released and comes as a collaboration with LA-based duo, Wild & Free. Also check out the playlist Wild & Free did for Casablanca Sunset last year here.

“Higher,” is the perfect daytime summer tune to lounge out to and soak up the sun. It’s a groovy downtempo funk tune with lots of air separating the mellow bass line, disco guitar licks, seductive saxophone and heartfelt vocals. A great collaboration between two chill house talents.