21-year-old New York City-based, Brett Castro recently released his debut single “Picture Perfect.”

The song injects a nostalgic sense of electro-r&b groove with a fresh falsetto vocal on top of smooth vocal harmonies, uplifting piano, steady percussion and a tastefully layered guitar lick in the chorus. Collectively, the three-and-half minute tune paints a lush soundscape describing his experience growing up in a place where things aren’t always as happy as they might appear.

Castro, a multi-instrumentalist and Ohio-native, wrote, produced, engineered and mixed “Picture Perfect.” “I like to make the music a whole, immersive, experience,” Castro says. “I think a lot about painting pictures with the sounds, what color each sound has, what feeling it has, and how to use all those sounds to make each song its own little world.”

The song displays clear talent from the young and noteworthy artist who already has a handful of releases lined up for 2018.

Check out “Picture Perfect,” below.

More to come.