Speelburg is the project of Belgian-American artist Noah Sacré.

Earlier in the year, he announced the release of his upcoming album Character Actor, set for release April 5th.

And today, Speelburg premieres his next single “Lizarz,” due on the forthcoming full-length release.

“Lizarz” features Speelburg’s soulful vocals on top of slick percussive patterns and groovy guitar licks. It’s a rhythmic tune with bright characteristics and moody atmospheric textures.

According to Noah, “Lizarz was written after spending a day watching two friends of mine spend 8 hours by the side of the pool doing nothing. Dressed in bikinis and not much else, they would occasionally break the silence by showing each other their instagram feeds, then take a dip, only to quickly return to the top of their rocks to keep baking in the sun. Most of the song was actually produced over the course of a single day with my buddy Alex Cowan (of LOYAL). “

In January, Speelburg also released the first single off his forthcoming album,Screener Season.” The song features breezy vocals and swaying instrumentation characteristic of other tracks on the full-length. It’s awesome.

For fans of Mild High Club, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and NoMBe.

Stream the latest from Speelburg below.