It’s alway’s interesting to hear the backstory of how an artist got their name.  In Alejandro Rose-Garcia’s case, it was thanks to an intoxicated stranger most likely tripping on acid. When the stranger departed, he mumbled something along the lines of “spooky wagons,” immediately inspiring Alejandro and his friends around a campfire to give each other “Indian” names. With Spooky Wagons, Shakey Graves, Spinster Jones and more in company, Alejandro began to play guitar for the group.  It wasn’t until later in the night when yet another inebriated man approaches him determined to know what he goes by, and Alejandro decided to stick with Shakey Graves.

Atop his unique vocals and folk-ridden guitar riffs, he is a one-man-band playing guitar and a kick drum housed in an old suitcase.  His intoxicating lyrics and innate grooves invite the listener to take a walk in his shoes.  With the mood of the song, one would never expect that the lyrics actually detail stealing money, murder, and a death sentence.  Kick back and enjoy this plucked convict’s anthem.