“Tropicana” by Pomona Dream is a perfect summer time jam. It’s one of the smoothest and most refreshing beats I’ve heard this summer.

Composed of singer/composer Sandra Bang and producer Ribbs, Pomona Dream have generated genuine buzz with a DIY ethos that begins with their lo-fi visual aesthetics and ends with their psychedelic, synth laced “hip-pop” sound.

After originally being notified of each other’s existence through a mistaken SoundCloud bot notifying them of receiving credit for one another’s music, Bang and Ribbs kept in contact before eventually meeting up, writing five songs in a week’s time, and moving in together to further their shared eccentric vision.

Their latest release, “Tropicana,” is a jazzy, summer-ready cut that delivers a danceable groove supplemented by flute work reminiscent of a 20th-century island outing.

You can stream the super smooth and blissful daytime tune below.