The two electro dance powerhouses, Miami Horror and Poolside, team up for one heck of a summertime jam!

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles by way of Melbourne band, Miami Horror released their EP The Shapes. The 5-song release was a highly anticipated follow up to their 2015 album, All Possible Futures.

The Shapes is a consistent conceptual release, that focuses on the amalgamation between music and visual art. The sound is percussive and colorful, the visuals playful and bold. It saw a fair amount of success online from a variety of blogs and publications.

Today, Miami Horror release a Poolside remix of the single “Leilie,” featured on The Shapes.

Poolside, who also recently put out an album, says, “when we heard the original song we instantly knew that it was just right for a Poolside remix. The vocals have a really nice vibe, and we didn’t even have to change the tempo up since the original was already right where we like it. It was a no brainer.”

Stream the super groovy electronic track below.