Last week, Katie Herzig released her new single “Strangers.” The song is from her upcoming album, Moment of Bliss, expected early 2018.

Moment of Bliss marks Herzig’s sixth album, and the third project she has co-produced with Cason Cooley. Originally from Fort Collins, CO, Herzig relocated to Nashville in the early 2000s. Most notably she collaborated with the remix artist RAC on a number of singles, including the popular song “We Belong,” which was eventually remixed by Odezsa.

In her new song, “Strangers,” Herzig showcases her incredibly clean vocal tone that elegantly floats alongside driving and smooth instrumentation. Lyrically, the song digs into that vague feeling of discontentment that can chase us around in life, even when we have every reason to be content. Something many can relate to.

Stream the chill indie-pop tune below.