At the heels of their wicked-groovy track aptly-titled “Skate With Me,” Jafunk, Nic Hanson, and Mike Nasa are passing off the celebrated single to select producers from around the world to remix the original. One of many flips taken from Jafunk’s Weekend Love remix package, Mokoa‘s take on “Skate With Me” is a refreshing perspective on nu-disco.

At the forefront of Mokoa’s “Skate With Me” rework comes expansive bass grooves that engulf the original’s subtleties. Twinkling synths shimmy around the track’s sped-up vocal samples giving the remix a night club edge. Jazzy, syncopated beats work together in a beautiful disharmony to create staggered rhythm sections designed to lose yourself in. A future-retro gem, Mokoa’s old-school touch pierces “Skate With Me” with a funky disposition while leaving the original composition in tact.