Combining their romantic synergy with the French language, Freedom Fry just unveiled their new single “Je T’aime Pas, Je T’aime.” The Los Angeles-based duo, composed of married couple Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll, draw on Marie’s heritage to create a lush melodic track with a French twist.

A poppy dance cut with mystifying vocals, “Je T’aime Pas, Je T’aime” or “I Don’t Like You, I Love You,” is energizing and inspiring. Deep bass riffs flow under a current of bubbly synths to create a righteous juxtaposition between soft and heavy sounds. A steady groove pulses through a fountain of luxurious rhythms as Marie’s French vocals decorate the space between notes. If you’re looking for some funky, easy listening with a soulful touch, look no further than Freedom Fry’s “Je T’aime Pas, Je T’aime.”