The ambitious LA-based indie pop duo Freedom Fry have one of the more relentless release schedules these days.

Each month this year, the indie act will release a three song EP featuring two originals and cover. And so far, they’ve lived up to the schedule. The consistency is a testament to their talent and tireless work ethic. Worth mentioning that the married duo also recent had a child. No doubt they are a busy bunch.

Their most recent release features two new songs, “Come Bring Your Love” and “David Bowie,” along with a cover of the Beatles song “Paperback Writer.”

“David Bowie” is a song about a teenager who becomes an outcast for dressing like Ziggy Stardust. But the teenager doesn’t care what people think because he is living his best life. An ode to being yourself and beating to your own drum.

Stream, “David Bowie” and the full Come Bring Your Love EP below.