Hope Sandoval? Liz Fraser? Caroline Loveglow will do you one better. Arriving at the intersection of shoegaze and electronica, dream-pop’s newest femme fatale Caroline Loveglow brings a revived edge to the genre. Recently signed to George Clanton’s growing record label 100% Electronica, “Patience Etc…” is the latest musical gift from the American singer/songwriter.

Combining the sounds of psych-pop with electro-tinged nu-wave, “Patience Etc…” is a brooding phantasm of nostalgia. Caroline’s breathless, vintage voice dances with 80s-esque gated drums and 90s-inspired synths to bring reveries of cloudy soundscapes to light. Behind the grit of this VHS tune, “Patience Etc…” is dedicated to metamorphosing the late millennial genre.